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Aseans Cameroon Limited was founded in 2006 and today is one of the most respected privately held coffee and cocoa export company in Cameroon and also trading all sorts of commodities in the local markets. It started in the North West Region of Cameroon with head office in Bamenda.


Aseans Cameroon Limited also had a vast experience in the processing industry of agricultural products such as processing of red coffee cherries into exportable green coffee beans and Cocoa Beans. The industrial complex consists of ten pulping stations and three Hulling stations located strategically within the coffee producing areas of the country.


We export premium green Arabica, Robusta coffee and Cocoa Beans from Cameroon to importers and commercial roasters of coffee around the world. The combined experience of our partners in procurement and logistics make us an ideal supplier for your specialty coffee and grade 1A Cocoa Beans.

Our Products

Arabica Coffee Beans

Washed, Pulp and Dry, Naturals Arabica Coffee Deep in the Highlands of Western Cameroon, among seemingly endless chains of ancient volcanic peaks, lie a group of villages known as Boyo. Therein live farmers who cultivate, and in 9 months, harvest a high grade of coffee.
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Robusta Coffee Beans

The quality of your cup of coffee starts with the type of coffee plant, how it’s grown, where it’s grown and how the coffee fruit, or cherry is handled and processed all the way to the green coffee bean.
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Cocoa Beans

In the tropical villages of Cameroon are grown the "Trinitario" strain that produces darker, more reddish and more pungent flavour cocoa beans. Harvested yellow pods are well fermented. The beans are then sun-dried and perfectly sorted to eliminate foreign particles and broken beans which are then stored in jute bags and ready for shipping.
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Our Works

Our Skills


Our coffee is handle by our highly trained coffee quality control experts and farmers only. We ensure our farmers maintain suitable conditions for coffee cultivation free for any foreign farm inputs. Handling from the farms, transportation to the factory is highly observed and well managed.


Farms are well paid as per the market value of coffee. Our workers are paid 2X more than the national average rate. Medical facilities are provided to our workers, farmers and children in need for free.


Our coffee has an 85 cupping rating and higher


Direct trade means no middle and coffee is affordable. Prices are highly competitive.

What People Say About Us



I have love for African people, their culture and the experience, the exceptional coffee supplied by Aseans Cameroon Ltd being an added bonus.



I love working with Aseans Cameroon Limited, working conditions are favorable and extremely good. Regardless of pay package, compression and friendship in the company makes my job so interesting.


Coffee Quality Control

Aseans Cameroon Limited is an exceptionally good company in managing quality of control. 5 years of excellent coffee quality noted.



Thinking of the best quality coffee supplier in Cameroon, Aseans Cameroon Ltd is your answer.

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