About Us

Aseans Cameroon Limited was founded in 2006 and today is one of the most respected privately held coffee and Cocoa export company in Cameroon and also trading all sorts of commodities in the local markets. It started in the North West Region of Cameroon with head office in Bamenda. we have earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner committed to bringing our customers the highest quality coffee and Cocoa beans at competitive prices.
Our management team has an excellent experience in exporting high quality Cameroon coffee and Cocoa Beans. Aseans Cameroon Limited is a startup company and have enjoyed excellence in services and quality product.
Though we are mainly known as an exporting company we also deal in importation. Today we have full pledged import department dealing from raw materials and food products, industrial goods Cement,agricultural chemicals etc.
Aseans Cameroon Limited also had a vast experience in the processing industry of agricultural products such as processing of red coffee cherries into exportable green coffee beans and good quality grade 1A Cocoa beans.
The industrial complex consists of ten pulping stations and three Hulling stations located strategically within the coffee and cocoa producing areas of the country. There are also two major plants located in the capital city of Bamenda that process green coffee and Cocoa beans for export. The production capacity of our industries are 100 Tons monthly of export quality green Coffee and Cocoa beans.
We export premium green Arabica and Robusta coffee and Cocoa Beans from Cameroon to importers and commercial roasters around the world. The combined experience of our partners in procurement and logistics make us an ideal supplier for your specialty coffee and high grade Cocoa beans.
Our coffee and Cocoa sourcing is done fairly and ensure that purchase improves the livelihood of deserving, hard working farmers. We also contribute portions of proceeds from our trade sales to educational programs in our producing communities.