Cocoa Beans

In the tropical villages of Cameroon are grown the “Trinitario” strain that produces darker, more reddish and more pungent flavour cocoa beans. Harvested yellow pods are well fermented. The beans are then sun-dried and perfectly sorted to eliminate foreign particles and broken beans which are then stored in jute bags and ready for shipping.

Method Of Cultivation

Trees are grown on well aerated soils with a pH of 6, environmental humidity of 75% during the day and 95% at night. They are cultivated in zones with annual rainfall of 2000 mm annually, at a temperature of 30C

Post Harvest Treatment

Beans are fermented by box and heap fermentation of 6 days in an environment free from foreign odors. Drying done by solar drying ( 5 days ) and oven drying ( 2 days ) and no adulteration.


Specie: Forastero with 40% blend of Trinitario

Description: Small flat brown beans with a variety of fine flavours

Quality Grade: Grade 1 A

Color: Dark Brown

Flavour: Earthy, Fruity, Acids

Taste: Slightly bitter to acidic

Texture: Hard & Brittle


Beans Size: 85 beans/100 g
Humidity: 8% Max
Good Fermentation: 65 % Min
Mold: 2% max
Impurities: 1% max