Roasted Coffee Beans

Full-bodied with enticing herbal, floral layers and notes of black pepper and tea.

A group of ambitious smallholder farmers from Cameroon, where robusta is the traditional coffee harvest, worked closely with a local cooperative to perfect the quality of their beans – and improve their livelihoods – by producing this outstanding arabica. Located in west central Africa, across the continent from where most of Africa’s finest coffees grow, Cameroon boasts a diverse geography – from deserts to rainforests to Mount Oku, where these beans thrive high in the rich volcanic soil.
Producer: Small coffee farms in Cameroon
Elevation: 1220 meters, 4000 feet
Coffee Variety: Java and Bourbon
Processing Method: Washed (wet)



Cameroon coffee beans are delicate and the roasting process creates a complex series of chemical changes, we have come to enjoy . In a period of eighteen minutes, these carefully selected green coffee beans losses moisture, changes color and then ‘pops’ open, much like a fine popcorn. At this point, the beans take shades of yellow and tan that quickly becomes lightly roasted coffee. We turn off the heat and tumble it with a gentle flow of air as the bean color darkens. Once we determine the degree of roast that is best suited for the customers, we let the beans further cool down before it is ready for packing.

The coffee you come to enjoy is a mixed blend of only Cameroonian coffee beans. We sell three varies of coffee.

1. 100% Arabica
2. 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
3. 100% Robusta

The product we ship is protected against oxygen and moisture so that the coffee you drink is fresh and provides the best aroma.