Coffee Processing

 Coffee Processing

Coffee beans are the seeds of fruits which resemble cherries, with a red skin when ripe. Beneath the pulp, surrounded by a parchment-like covering, lie two beans, flat sides together. When the fruit is ripe a thin, slimy layer of mucilage surrounds the parchment. Underneath the parchment the beans are covered in another thinner membrane, the silver skin (the seed coat). Each coffee bean fruit, or cherry generally contains two coffee beans but the fruit can contain one or three coffee beans . Coffee beans must be removed from the fruit and dried before they can be roasted; this can be done in two ways, known as the dry and the wet methods. When the process is complete the unroasted coffee beans are known as green coffee. With advanced technology, our coffee is processed by the most modern hulling and grading coffee machines.

This machines are regulated to maintain the coffee humidity to 12% international standard.

50 tons of coffee are processed per hour and ready for export.

Though we are mainly known as an exporting company we also deal in importation. Today we have full pledged import department dealing from raw materials and food products, industrial goods Cement,agricultural chemicals etc.


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